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UniMicroBrew design competition

In 2004, following extensive negotiations, an opportunity arose for The South African Breweries Ltd (SAB) to sponsor the installation, commissioning and pilot operation of a small-scale piece of Brewing Kit at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal’s Pietermaritzburg campus, certainly a first of its kind in South Africa. Following this successful introduction, and further requests for Installations from Universities of Pretoria, Witwatersrand and others, a plan was put together to harness the collective power of this combined Industry and Academia Micro-Brewing endeavour.


By early 2008, sufficient Tertiary Institutions had been sponsored and kitted-out for SAB to inaugurate the first of the now annual SAB University Micro-Brewing Championships, fittingly in Pietermaritzburg. Participating Universities were asked to brew, bottle and have expertly judged beers in various competing categories, utilizing the Kit constructed as part of the sponsorship deals. Teams of participating students and a senior member of staff were to accompany their entries for a weekend of fun, tasting, sharing and deserved Prize-giving. A prize for the best bottle dressing was also awarded. Such was the success, demand and growth potential, that the competition was cemented to the calendar.


From 2016 the event will include International participation and an added Micro Brewery design competition. We also plan to bolster and demonstrate the academic credentials of the Enterprise on various World stages, with the direct participation of current Students of the program and various SAB Staff that have been newly appointed as a direct consequence of their aptitudes demonstrated during their participation in some of the earlier events.


This year the event will be held in conjunction with food & drink technology Africa, the third successful offset of Messe Münchens drinktec, the world’s leading trade fair in the beverage and liquid food industry. The second edition of food & drink technology Africa will take place at the Gallagher Convention Centre from 14 – 15 September 2016. Winners from the UniMicroBrew design competition will be showcased at this year’s Trade Fair.


UniMicroBrew Design Competition     UniMicroBrew design competition 2


For more details contact:
Anton Erasmus: Trade Brewer:  SABGauteng
+27 82 921 7853


Magda Scheepers: PA to Manufacturing Manager:  SABCentral Office
+27 11 881 8102

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